Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Dementia Monologues


The Dementia Monologues
Thursday 5th June 2014
Live Theatre
Fiona Evans

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Produced as a result of twenty-one workshops in Newcastle care homes, The Dementia Monologues explores the lives of people with dementia, their families and the people working with them. The evening of films provided a powerful insight to the reality of dementia.

The five films take from laughing one minute to being entirely heart-broken in another, a perfect depiction of dementia as a disease. Many think that as soon as someone is diagnosed with dementia it is somewhat of a death sentence, they lose all of what they had been. "The Dementia Doctor" demonstrated that that negative effects of dementia are not necessarily a constant state, the illness.

The films have great potential in educating a community in becoming more dementia friendly, this was evident in the post show discussion and it was nice to be an environment in which people were talking openly about dementia; a topic which is all too often shied away from.

Fiona Evans' writing is an absolute testament to the lives of people with dementia and their stories. The considerations taken to where the people had came from is an absolute delight to see. It will be great to see the films have a life beyond Live Theatre in education.

You can become a Dementia Friend by visiting where you will learn a little bit more about dementia by watching a short film. Dementia Friends will then send you a pack of information and tips about supporting people with dementia and their carers. Dementia is everyone's business and we all need to become more clued up on it to best support our communities.


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