Friday, 12 September 2014

20 Before 21: Leave the Country


Brenate, Italy

Last month I crossed off the first thing on my twenty before twenty-one list. I left the country!

I went to Milan with my best friend Emily and did all of the lovely things! I almost managed to do no work whilst I was away, well, no work for me. I thought I'd let you all know a few of my lessons learnt in Milan:

1. There is a certain degree of assertiveness required when saying no grazie to an all too kind Italian man who takes it upon himself to straddle you in order to apply sun cream to your so-pale-it's-transparent back because "YOU WILL BURN".

2. If you are ever on a train and are not sure if the stop is your stop, assume it is and save yourself having to use the emergency exit (biggest thrill), ending up in Switzerland with zero francs and panic buying a ticket too far the other way.

3. The Metro is no better in Italy than it is in England, guilty pleasures follow you wherever you go. There is no escaping The Metro addiction, just because you don't speak Italian doesn't mean you won't try and read it's pants content. Horoscopes were decent though.

4. It is acceptable to eat ice cream multiple times a day because you know you will go home never to eat such fabulous iciness again. I mean, Tesco's own soft scoop doesn't quite compare to the ice cream you will eat in Italy. Also, it pays to re-contemplate your ice cream eating tactic when some Italian lads make that kind of joke about you...opt for a tub rather than a cone.

5. When life is overwhelming you and you can't remember the last time you had a day off, book a flight to Italy. Drink good coffee with cream when you're used to instant without, have pizzas piled with your five a day and forget all of your earthly commitments.


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