Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Obligatory New Year Blog Post


It really gets on my nerves that at this time of year everyone moans about their situation followed by onwards and upwards for next year. It also gets on my nerves when I hear people talk about how this year has taught them so much about what really matters, who their real friends are and what they are never going back to. So, naturally I'm about to do both of these things - probably with a bit of cringe. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Lessons Learned in 2014
The body is a fragile machine, I ought to treat her with more caution and respect. At the beginning of the year a bone bent in my foot. One day I could wiggle my toes and walk, the next I couldn't and was left hobbling on crutches for months. I have a mixed connective tissue disorder with ANA positive nucleolar pattern, secondary Reynaud's and hypermobility, apparently. This just means I am a jumble of a lot of things so no one can predict what my body will do, splendid!
There is pleasure to be had in buying presents for myself. I wish I'd learned this lesson sooner! I work hard for money so it is more than acceptable to reward myself with presents every once in a while. I reckon my mam is willing me to unlearn this after counting that I now own 19 skirts...whoops! I am just making up for lost present buying time!
I can do the things I tell myself I can't do. I can speak in public, I can do my job perfectly fine, I can wear the crazy trousers and red lip stick. There is no "type of person" for any of the above, the only person standing in the way of me was myself. It turns out that I have the ability to be confident, who knew it?
Wishes for 2015
To be able to wiggle my fingers and toes for the whole year. In other words, I'd like my body to keep its act together. No flaking out on me now we've got this walking thing down, we have more mountains to climb and dancing to be doing!
To live more in the moment, there's no use in fretting over what I'm going to do with my life, I'm twenty I'm not supposed to have it all planned out. No waiting around for the right time to do things, now is the perfect time. If you want to eat an entire cake eat it, if you want to drink a whole bottle of wine drink it, if you want to party all night do it, there are 24 hours for a reason. Do the things now, Hannah!

Less hospital trips please! Both visiting and getting treatment. Here's to a healthy 2015 for myself, my friends and my family!

I am now off to shower whilst singing to Ricky Martin, maybe 2015 will bring me better music taste.

Peace out!

Hannah x


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