Saturday, 2 April 2016

Royal Northern Sinfonia Heroes of Hollywood


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Royal Northern Sinfonia
Heroes of Hollywood
Sage Gateshead
Monday 28th March 2016 18:00

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The Royal Northern Sinfonia took us on a magical journey spanning 78 years of cinematic brilliance. The music of John Williams filled the majority of the line up showcasing some of his finest work, by the end of the night there was no question that he deserved each and every one of the ten Oscars he has to his name. The evening was beautifully pulled together by conductor Stephen Bell, known for conducting BBC Proms in the Park from 2005 to 2010, Stephen was described by International Record Review in 2011 as "one of the most gifted younger British Conductors" and that he is. His breadth of knowledge is enviable, all presented to the audience with true charisma.

The first piece came from the  the 1981 Indiana Jones classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of Williams' many collaborations with Steven Spielberg. The Raiders March was executed with immense energy and was a captivating start to what would become a brilliant night of music.

Head of The Royal Northern Sinfonia, violinist Bradley Creswick lead a solo in the main theme from Schindler's List. The piece is evidence of William's versatility, over the course of the concert his music was able to evoke all sorts of emotions in the audience however this above all almost brought me to tears. Creswick had the hearts of the whole hall within his grasp, his performance truly breathtaking. 

The evening would not have been complete for me without an element of Harry Potter and we definitely got that, with a member of the orchestra dressed as Hagrid and another as Dumbledore however the true star for me was Kate Thompson on celeste. She performed the iconic Hedwig's Theme with the absolute magic it deserves and took me right back to my childhood the first time I heard it. Following this the wind section had their time to shine with Nimbus 2000, another magical and elegant performance.

Ending the show was Throne Room and the End Titled from Star Wars follwoing the sucess of their first Star Wars concert this year will see The Royal Northern Sinfonia return with music from all seven Star Wars films, an evening not to be missed for fans of music and Star Wars alike.  

All in all, Heroes of Hollywood was a delightful evening showcasing an eclectic range of the music of John Willaims. Yet again The Royal Northern Sinfonia have reminded us of their true brilliance and fabulous centre for music we have right on our doorstep in the North East. 


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